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DI & TRADE Engineering Company has been working in the Moldavian market since 1995. Today, DI & TRADE Engineering Company provides a full range of professional engineering services in the spheres of design, integration, installation, balancing and commissioning, and warranty and maintaining service for air conditioning, systems, ventilation, heating, and electrics.

Since 2003, DI TRADE Engineering Company is the largest manufacturer of a wide range of galvanized air ducts and ventilation products in Moldova. All the products are manufactured by high-class equipment from such companies as SPIRO INTERNATIONAL GROUP (Switzerland), RAS (Germany), and TRUMPF (Germany). This modern equipment provides a complete manufacturing cycle for air ducts and circular shaped elements having the diameter from 100 to 1000 mm.

Our own manufacturing allows us to control the quality of the ready products, fulfill the orders within the shortest terms possible, and completely satisfy the market demand for ventilation products. All the products are made of galvanized steel in accordance with GOST 24751-81 and SNIP 2.04.05-91, without disrupting the zinc coating on the seaming joint. The diameter and range of pipes and shaped elements conforms to the European standard for air ducts.

Hermeticity of all the products conforms to T (“tight”) class, whereas the air duct systems sustain constant air pressure up to 3000 Pa and a single air pressure fall of up to 5000 Pa.

The air ducts and shaped elements are manufactured from galvanized steel: p = 0.5-0.55 (100-355 mm), P = 0.7 (355-710 mm), P = 0.9 (710-1000 mm).        

In addition to the ducts and shaped elements, DI TRADE Engineering Company manufactures fire retarding valves, smoke removal valves, and fans.

The works and the warehouse are situated in Chisinau: their convenient location allows us to take the products without delay. Our company offers manufacturing both standard-sized galvanized steel air ducts (which makes it easier to purchase necessary products without pre-ordering them) and any non-standard products.


DI TRADE Engineering Company offers an individual approach to every customer. If fulfilling a large-scale urgent order is necessary, the process of manufacturing galvanized air ducts and ventilation equipment may be organized for 24 hours a day.

Only a few HVAC companies that exist in the Moldavian market can offer a full range of services. When starting their work in 1995, DI & TRADE Engineering formed an integrated approach to the various segments of the HVAC market, aiming at profound practical development of each of them as a strategically important segment from the very start. Further on, this attitude allowed providing an impressive range of competitive offers and the highest quality of service to a variety of consumer groups. DI & TRADE Engineering has been the leader in the active promotion of HVAC systems in the market of Moldova. Over the years of its activity, the company has earned an impeccable reputation ad won the recognition of the most discerning consumers.

The concept of DI & TRADE Engineering says, “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS SATISFIED”; it expresses the company's commitment to supplying unsurpassed high-quality products and providing the most advanced level of technical support. Due to our quality system, we keep constantly improving our products and services offered to our customers. DI & TRADE Engineering Company’s tendency to work with high-quality and reliable air-conditioning equipment has led us to the world's top five manufacturers: Toshiba, Carrier, Midea, Ballu, and Sistemair. These companies’ products distinguish themselves by greater research capacity and traditional manufacturing quality. This is exactly the reason why it would be wrong to call the equipment we offer “conditioners”: they are more than mere conditioners – they are your comfort and convenience achieved due to their outstanding quality and reliability.

DI & TRADE Engineering together with such general suppliers as A.H.I. Carrier and Japan Air Conditioners Association has implemented several large-scale projects. In addition to the supply of equipment, DI & TRADE Engineering Company practices contract supervision, installation, commissioning, warranty and post warranty service for any air conditioning and climate control systems, including those produced by other manufacturers of similar equipment (TADIRAN, SAMSUNG, LG, PANASONIC, etc.), including thermal diagnostics, testing electronic components, electric safety control parameters, complete treatment, checking the feed supply, and doing other types of work, providing an exhaustive equipment service.

All the air conditioners have a certificate of conformity of the Republic of Moldova. In the international market, the air conditioners are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental safety standard and possess an ISO 9002 manufacturing quality international certificate.

DI & TRADE Engineering has an active open policy of sharing and exchanging information, which allows every partner and customer to rely on prompt access to its information resources, their integrity, and objectivity. The amount and quality of our own information space plays an important role in developing and supporting new trends and accounts for a large share of interest in specific goods and services. The company takes an active part in the largest annual international exhibitions in Moldova and the regions, which serve as another effective way of informing customers and consumers about the company’s innovations and offers in the HVAC goods and service market.

The company pays special attention to direct exchange of experience. We regularly organize training sessions and workshops, where the company specialists acquaint the partners with the specifics of the new equipment and the conditions of its operation, and share their experience in the field of HVAC equipment promotion.


- Designing ventilation, heating, air conditioning systems and automation, including the use of modern technologies in the field of building engineering systems;

- Selecting equipment with due account for the specific features of the building and the customer’s individual preferences;

- Timely delivery of equipment at the facility;

- Professional installation and “turn-key” commissioning;

- Qualified technical support at all the stages of maintenance;

- Our own high-tech ventilation and air distribution system manufacturing.



- 16 years of experience in the field of air conditioning, ventilation, and heating;

- Equipment suppliers who hold the leading status in the world market: Carrier, Toshiba, Systemair, Tempstar, Midea, Belimo, Nobo, etc;

- Modern manufacturing facilities with advanced equipment;

- Our own design department of specialists in heating and ventilation equipment and thermo mechanics;

- Certified service and installation center;

- High quality warranty and maintaining service for air conditioning, systems, ventilation, and heating systems;

- Flexible pricing and discount system.


You can find more detailed information about our products and services at our website: www.climate.md .





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Civil Aviation, State Agency for Material Reserves and Humanitarian assistance of the Government, National Agency of Energy Regulation,  Nation Agency of technical supervision of the Department of Standardization and Metrology, Institute of Standardization and Metrology, Football Federation, International Airport of Moldova etc.

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Embassy of the United Kingdom, Embassy of the Russian Federation, Embassy of Poland Republic, Embassy of China, Embassy of USA, Embassy of Germany, OSCE, the representation of UNICEF in Moldova, Consulate of the Republic of  Kazakhstan. Embassy of Bulgaria, Embassy of France etc.


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Republican Hospital, National Diagnostic Center, National Military Hospital, Office "Gedeon Rihter", "RihPanGalFarma", Dental Clinic "Artident-Lux", pharmasy "Felicia", pharmacy "Farmaprim", etc.


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       "Air Moldova", "Moldavian airlines", "Moldova-Tur", "Transaero", "Corina travel agency", "Holiday Service", "Incom Trevel".

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"Dublin", "El Paso", "Старый город", “Most”,”Graffity”,"LOFT", "Cactus", "Passepartout", "Calcutta", "Robin Pub", "Nori", "Сodru", "Coffee Beans", "Pan-Avenue", "La Roma club", "Surpriza", "Prisoner of the Caucasus", "Olimp", "Magnolia", "Beer House", "Andy's Pizza", "Berlin", "Cvadro", «Vanilla», “Voia Boerului “,”Lazy” etc.

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